Latest News from the Town Team
24 February 2014
We are awaiting (due April) feedback and reports from AMTI, the town and village research and benchmarking organisation we are working with. This follows submission to AMTI of a dossier of research and surveying work carried out by the Town Team and additional volunteers in many areas of business in the village. Westbury's position when measured against a range of Key Performance Indicators will be studied with interest before the next steps in developing and promoting Westbury as a vibrant and attrractive shopping and business location are determined.
3 September 2013
Almost 500 Westbury User Surveys were completed by members of the public, both local residents and visitors to the village - a terrific number helped, no doubt, by the fabulous weather during survey week. A huge vote of thanks to the team of volunteers involved in the survey process. Responses are now being collated and assesses - watch this space for feedback!
8 July 2013
The benchmarking surveys are coming. In the week commencing 15th July members of the Town Team and additional kind volunteers will be out and about in the village to carry out face to face discussions with as many residents, visitors to Westbury and local businesses as possible, to gauge the public mood regarding living, shopping and working in the village. The Westbury User surveys will take place at four busy points in the village - outside the Post Office on the High Street, by the car park / Mailboxes on Westbury Hill, in Carlton Court on Canford Lane, and outside the Co-Op on Stoke Lane. Business Confidence surveys of as many of our local businesses as possible will also be carried out - businesses will be approached directly or can compete the survey online.  In addition, footfall counts and parking surveys will also occur, all so that we can obtain an accurate picture of commercial life in Westbury.  Please do take the opportunity to take part in a survey if approched - it will only take 5 minutes and your opinion will really count in trying to shape future policy on developing business in the village. If you are not in the village when the surveys take place both the  Westbury User Survey and the Business Confidence Survey aree available to complete online - just click on the appropriate link here.
1 June 2013
Following the appointment of AMTI to assist us in a data collection and benchmarking project the Town Team are currently finalising the questionnaires that will be used in the WoT Village Survey that is planned to take place later this year. This crucial activity will allow us to gauge the views of local businesses, residents and shoppers regarding Westbury as a retail destination - what people like about the village, what they don't like, what they would like to see etc.